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Nov 20, 2022

the split that cut Smotritch's legs out from under him

So it is official. While Noam split off from Hatizonut Hadatit a few days ago to serve as their own independent party in Knesset, Otzma Yehudit just officially split off today.

That means, Betzalel Smotritch is now really just the head of a 7 mandate party (I think 7, but maybe 6), not a 14 mandate party. That significantly cuts down his negotiating powers in coalition negotiations. Even though Ben Gvir is saying he will only join the coalition if Smotritch does and wont join alone, Smotritch is still the head of a small party now.

 He can try to punch above his weight (as in the past Netanyahu did give small parties major ministries to control), but he did just get his legs cut out from under him. He can still try to squeeze Netanyahu, but that just became more difficult, and now Netanyahu can legitimately show Smotritch as holding things up rather than as he himself being the obstacle to a "full right" government. 

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  1. Is Smotritch as head of a 7 mandate party any different than Gafni who is head of a 7 mandate party???

    1. looking at it like that, Gafni is the head of a 3 mandate party, with Goldknopf heading a 4 mandate party.
      but in general yes

    2. besides, UTJ is unique in that they wont take ministerial positions, so they limit themselves in their influence and rank. That neednt affect any other party that wants to be full partners.


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