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Nov 21, 2022

Biden vs Dermer

it is a chutzpa and wholly inappropriate for the US government to mix into Israel's coalition forming efforts. Israel is a sovereign state and the USA must respect that.

It was somewhat understandable when they commented on the potential appointments of Ben Gvir to a ministerial position, and specifically warning against the appointment of Smotritch to the Defense Ministry. They see it as, right or wrong, the rise of a fascist element, a far right element that is anti-Arab and they expressed their opposition to that, just as governments and citizens all around the world have expressed opposition to the rise of far right and fascist movement sin many countries around the world in recent years and specifically commented against their inclusion in government. That was wrong but at least somewhat understandable.

Now reports have the Biden administration warning Netanyahu against the possible appointment of former Ambassador Ron Dermer to the Foreign Ministry. This is different

Dermer is not representative of the far right or of extremist or fascist groups or thought. Dermer has served for Netanyahu and is representative more of Netanyahu's positions than of anything else. Sure, the Biden administration might not like him because of his more partisan approach being close to Republicans and his efforts against Barak Obama, but that is for Netanyahu to consider when making his appointments, not for the US administration to pressure Israel on.

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1 comment:

  1. And that's why you stand firm from the start. You think Biden's people care about distinctions? They got a scalp with Smotrich, they smell blood in the water, and know they can boss Bibi around.


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