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Nov 17, 2022

Netanyahu's games

It looks like Netanyahu is up to his old games and tricks with the games he is pulling with Smotritch and Ben Gvir and even UTJ at a less intense level. It has before, and he will have no one to kick but himself if it blows up in his face again. He will have no one to kick but he will surely try to lay the blame at Smotritch's door, blaming him for whatever happens, and his most loyal followers will of course believe it and blame Smotritch for preventing a right wing government.

Surprisingly right now an unnamed senior person in Agudat Israel is saying Netanyahu is fooling around with them as well and they wont join any coalition without Smotritch and gang, to prevent what happened way back when when Netanyahu tried to cut Bennett out and Bennett went to Lapid instead and Netanyahu formed a government with them instead of with the Haredi parties. If push comes to shove I do not believe they will keep to this unofficial statement and would enter a government without Smotritch - they owe him nothing and have no real commitment to each other but it is possibly a strong negotiating tactic to pressure Netanyahu.

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