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Nov 30, 2022

antisemitism aint cheap in 2022

It seems antisemitism is expensive.

Lufthansa banned a bunch of Jews from flying their not so friendly airlines last year (ostensibly for not wearing masks, but some were and they were also prevented form flying, and the airline didnt care about plenty of other people who ignored the mask mandate) and now they are paying each bumped passenger upwards of $21,000 as severance and to cover expenses.
source: The Forward

antisemitism doesnt come cheap nowadays.

That being said, if they dont want Jews flying their airline they could just not offer a kosher food option and find other ways to make the environment not Jew-friendly (arrest people for taking out tefillin to be confused with bomb wires and spy communication devices, ban minyanim and arrest them for public disturbances, etc). They can also raise the prices of the flights, but that might hurt the gentile passengers as well and keep them on other airlines. It may not be immediate but within a short amount of time Jews will find other airlines to fly. Most noticeably Jewish people will naturally fly a different airline because of that. Much cheaper than paying Jews 21k each to not fly. 

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  1. I think I'm going to start flying Lufthansa!

  2. Anti-semitism has again risen its ugly head, a warning to all Jews everywhere on earth from
    H', warning us to return and do teshuvah because we have reached the time of birur. Those who are on the side of Hashem and those who are against Him. Really simple. But we, Yehudim, don't learn easily.
    As far as the above commenter, he has shown his side.


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