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Nov 24, 2022

UTJ appointing a Likud minister

According to a report on Channel 2 news, UTJ has requested Yariv Levin of the Likud be appointed as Minister of Justice, and if he would be they would be willing to not insist on certain reforms in the judicial system which would make the coalition negotiations with them smoother and quicker. UTJ supposedly trusts Yariv Levin and is willing to rely on him to do what is necessary in the Justice Ministry, so they would not require commitments in advance as part of the negotiations. 

Whether it is true or spin, I have no idea. I am also not commenting on the idea of Yariv Levin being appointed as Minister of Justice. Perhaps he is deserving of the post and qualified for it, perhaps not. I dont know if he would be any better or worse than anyone else in that role, so I am not commenting on it. 

I do find it interesting that UTJ is requesting a specific person from another party appointed to run a specific ministry. If UTJ would put together their appointments and Netanyahu would put himself in the middle of that saying I want you to appoint Porush as Minister of Culture, or Maklev as Minister of Whatever, as deserving, or not, of the appointment that person might be, UTJ would tell Netanyahu to butt out of their business and let them worry about their own appointments. It is interesting to me that UTJ is telling Likud who to appoint where.

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