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Nov 24, 2022

double or nothing

There is a debate going on about Aryeh Deri and taking ministerial roles.

I am not referring to the debate around the legal issue because of his past indiscretions. I will let the legal people worry about that. 

I am also not referring to the debate about which ministries and other appointments Shas should take. I will leave that to the strengths and weaknesses of the negotiating teams involved.

The debate I am referring to is the chatter about how many ministries of a certain size can Deri handle. Negotiations with Shas have progressed faster and farther than with any of the other parties, with Shas pulling in a nice haul of ministries and appointments. While nothing is finalized yet because of the stalemate with UTJ and Smotritch/Ben Gvir, whatever Shas ends up pulling in, it seems clear that Aryeh Deri will take the top two ministerial appointments for himself - likely a combination of two of Interior, Transportation, Health, and maybe Finance. Depending which of these Shas ends up getting, two of these are destined for Deri himself - in addition to other ministries for other Shas reps, like Religious Affairs, maybe Agriculture, and some other possibilities.

The public debate over this has developed into whether Deri can handle two major ministries that each are so massive to need a lot of dedicated time and attention. Can any one person devote enough time to both the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health, for example, that both will be developed properly and not neglected? Some are saying yes, some no, blah blah blah.

My question is why Deri feels the need to handle two major ministries himself rather than take one for himself and appoint a different Shas rep to the other? He might be 100% capable (maybe) of running both, but why? Why take both and not appoint someone else to the other? All the Shas reps are loyal to him, and he would be overseeing them all anyway as head of Shas, so he cant be worried about that. So why take both major appointments for himself?

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  1. None of the facts you present matter ; the formation of this govt has 2 purposes. First to ensure the destruction of the judiciary powers to keep Bibi out of jail,ndot to even bother to find him innocent of the myriad of corruption charges. Second, to give Bibi a platform for building a foreign affairs legacy similar to Menachem Begin, a brawny, no nonsense defender of Israel. He will will fail at this because Bibi can't make the tough decisions to pursue peace that Begin made per Sadat. Land for peace does work. Bibi's image is already ensconced in history with the images of him etched in our minds grinning and schmeking like a lap dog with Trump.

    1. Land for peace works? Is Saudi Arabia looking for land? (Actually, Israel *did* just give them some islands, but they were Egyptian.)


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