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Nov 14, 2022

the power of shawarma

I think most of us, at least those of us who live in Israel and those of us who visit Israel and/or have spent significant time in Israel, know that shawarma is a super-food. Very powerful and not surpassed by much.

Two Israelis were caught on camera in the same frame as the suspected terrorist in yesterday's explosion in Turkey. Two women from Ashdod, who were miraculously saved despite their close proximity to the blast.

Or Atdegi says that she was saved because she stopped for a shawarma. She said "it is enough to see the destruction in the street to realize that it cannot be taken for granted that we are alive. It is an open miracle. Exactly that. I do not want to think what could have happened to us had we not stopped to buy shawarma."
source: Mako

There you have it. Saved by shawarma! The real super-food.

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