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Nov 23, 2022

Deri took them all

Remember how after the elections reporters from all the media kept asking Deri about what positions he would be demanding/requesting and all that, while Deri responded to all of them that he is not worried or thinking about jobs and just wants to get the government set up and established as quickly as possible and jobs will come later and he isnt worried about it.

Well, it turns out he was just telling everyone else to think that. All the other parties are frustrated because Deri took all the positions they want. The issues with Smotritch, UTJ and Ben Gvir are all shlepping out because Netanyahu gave all the positions and ministries they want authority over to Deri (according to the reports of what is holding up each of the negotiations). Deri was just being disingenuous knowing he doesnt have to worry about the positions because he got them all, while in the meantime everyone else looks like they are just looking out for comfy jobs.

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