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Dec 5, 2022

Minister of Meron

According to the Jerusalem Post report, Meir Porush has requested, as part of coalition negotiations, sole responsibility for Meron and the Lag B'Omer events, along with responsibility for implementing whatever necessary as per the decisions of the investigative committee into the Meron tragedy in which 45 people were killed in a stampede.

Porush has always dealt with Meron more directly than any of the others, so it is not surprising that he wants to be involved in this way. Last year when Matan Kahane organized the Lag B'Omer events, Porush broke the ban on talking to members of the government at the time and went to Meron to coordinate with Kahane on different issues and to help so the event would run smoothly and as much to his satisfaction as possible.

Interestingly, people are now calling Porush the Minister of Meron (assumign he will be granted this role he is requesting). He has also already reportedly been given the role of Minister of Jerusalem in the incoming government, if agreements are to be signed. Add to that other oles given to other people such as Minister of the South and the Galillee, along with Minister of the Periphery, and I wonder if we will soon have a minister for every city and region, just to create enough government positions to satisfy every MK. We'll have a Minister of Bet Shemesh, a Minister of Tel Aviv, a Minister of the North, a Minister of Judea and Samaria, a Minister of Eilat, a Minister of Haifa, you get the point.

If anyone can do a good job up in Meron that would keep the main people who run it happy, and maybe even do it responsibly at the same time, it is Meir Porush. We'll see what happens.

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