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Dec 7, 2022

Quote of the Day

I am not the Haredi Housing Minister. I am a minister in the State of Israel who is committed to the entire public with no differentiation between race and religion. The Haredi community suffers the housing crisis the worst, but I will work for everyone. I do not live broad, I know both the upper and lower Israels. the lower Israel is the one that is living, mostly young couples, underground in parking lots and hovels and machsanim. Our task will be to get them out of there. The first thing I will do in my role is listen.

  -- MK Yitzchak Goldknopf (UTJ), seemingly the incoming Housing Minister.

As nutty as Goldknopf can be, he has been saying a lot of good things since the election, and I hope his intentions are really as good as they sound.

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  1. According to TOI, he also said that he does not know whether there is a housing crisis, but if there he said that although he doesn't know what would be needed to fix it, he is prepared to start studying the issue.

    I would rather see a housing minister (or any other minister), with extensive knowledge of the requirements of the ministry - but that is not the way politics works in Israel

    1. I am almost sure that he is just being glib. He knows very well about the housing crisis.

    2. Maybe he was being glib, but that is no the way it was reported in Times of Israel:


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