Jun 15, 2010


The [Supreme] Court has never ruled in favor of the Haredi community...The Haredi community feels as if we are living in Soddom and Gemorroh. The ramifications of the Supreme Court decision is against all the kollel avreichim. It takes away from them their milk and bread..

---- MK and head of Finance Committee in Knesset Moshe Gafni (UTJ)


  1. (Rafi not G)
    No it doesn't. University students who don't get this subsidy work and anybody else who wants to support their family has throughout history done the same. They and their rabanim are taking away their milk and bread.

  2. The Torah tells us of one guy who actually went to live in Sodom. He wound up hiding out in the mountains and having sex with his daughters. Is Gafni trying to tell us something about the Chareidim who choose to live in Israel?

  3. (Rafi not G)
    Maybe they feel that way because of the way outsiders get beaten up in certain neighborhoods.

  4. nechi and bechi

  5. It's ironic - the Hareidi community (feels like) it's treated by the Supreme Court the same way they were treated in Europe 100 years ago. And they act like they still live in Europe 100 years ago (except for the working). So the Supreme Court is actually playing along with their game.

  6. sharp one Rafi not G - lol


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