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Nov 20, 2012

Graves and Rockets

Many theories have been talked about as to what is the cause, the reason we deserve, the incessant rocket attacks. Just like reasons were given for Hurricane Sandy, and for every other tragedy that ever hits a community or the Jewish people, people have been coming up with reasons for the rockets as well, though I must say they have not been given as much press-time as they are given in other tragedies..

This one though is one that I don't think I have heard before, at least not in any direct relationship.

Pashkevils out and about are blaming the rockets on the grave disturbing (for the purpose of building housing or hotels or whatnot) around the country, and specifically in the Nesher area. The linkage is defined as the destruction of ancient cemeteries, and the largest one in Eretz Yisrael, done even with "supervision"... removing the bones from their graves in a disgraceful way, so the houses of Jews are destroyed and turned to dust by the rockets.
(source: Kikar)

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  1. It's almost boring it's so predictable.

    Yes, tragedy is a time for carefully examining one's... I mean someone else's deeds.

  2. Amnon Yitzhak said that the war is a result about discussions about drafting Yeshiva Students - so which is it, disturbing graves, or talking about drafting Charedim?

    There are some people who should really know when to shut the heck up.


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