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Nov 27, 2012

Quote of the Day

The liberal Likud has died. Even Menachem Begin would not find his place in this dubious team. It is scary to think what will happen here if the power remains in the hands of the Likud. It seems a bit redundant now to add Lieberman to this list which is so nationalistic.

  -- Meretz Chairwoman, Zahava Galon

While I don't agree with Zahava Galon, nor with the frightened headlines all screaming how the Likud has made a sharp right turn, I happen to believe that Galon is one of the few people in Israeli politics who have the right to make such criticism. The other two people with the same privilege, in my book, are Shelly Yachimovitch of Labor and Naftali Bennet of Bayit Yehudi. The reason why these 3 party heads have the right to comment is because they too, like the Likud, hold democratic primaries by which the party candidates are chosen.

Other party heads who are lobbying their criticism of the Likud primary results,  party heads such as Yair Lapid specifically, do't really have a right to comment. Yesh Atid is a party formed non-democratically. All its positions on various issues were decided by one person, the party list was and is being determined by one person, and everything else about the party is being determined by one person. All the parties that operate in a dictatorial style have no right to comment with criticism on the results of a democratic process.  

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  1. of course anyone can slam the list. this is an election and the other parties are totally within their rights to find fault where they can. you can debate the merits of this method for selecting candidates over that method, but whatever the list is other parties can talk about it as they wish.


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