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Nov 18, 2012

Yehuda Meshi-Zahav Applies To Replace Dr. Hiss as head of Abu Kabir

Depute Health Minister Yaakov Litzman recently fired the head of Abu Kabir - the forensic institute of Israel, Dr. Yehuda Hiss. Hiss had headed the institute as chief pathologist for a very long time, since 1988. Much of his career as head of the institute was mired in controversy and conflict, both directed from the religious community and from the non-religious community. Under Hiss's watch, the institute was discovered on multiple occasions having mixed up limbs among dead bodies, improper burials, unnecessary autopsies that were not always authorized, and more.

At least in much of the religious community Dr. Hiss was considered evil incarnate. Willing to do anything for his own agenda, no matter whom he hurt.

I dont think too many people were disappointed or distraught when Hiss was recently removed from his position by Litzman.

With Hiss gone, the position of director of Abu Kabir is open and accepting applications.

An interesting, and perhaps surprising, applicant for this position is Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, the director of ZAKA. There is just one problem with Meshi-Zahav's application - he has no education.

Meshi-Zahav asked the director of the Health Ministry to open the application process also to people without an education in the field, so that he would be able to apply. Meshi-Zahav claims to have the support of Yaakov Litzman for the position.

Obviously as head of ZAKA he knows an awful lot about death and dead bodies. Does that mean he knows enough to run the main forensic institute in Israel? he thinks it does. Meshi-Zahav says that Hiss himself who was educated and an expert had managed to fail time and again in the position, and what is needed is not expertise in forensics, as there are pathologists working in the institute, but a good leader and manager is what is needed.

Meshi-Zahav says that he is the perfect candidate because as someone already known for his sensitivity to the dead, his care for kvod hameis, he is the only one who will be able to restore the trust and faith in the institute that has been lost in recent years among the broader public.

One goal Meshi-Zahav has in taking over the institute is in promoting the use of a digital MRI system for analyzing dead bodies. He says these systems today can detect almost all causes of death, and there is no reason the institute cannot operate according to halacha, as halacha allows solutions to all the situations possible - such as with the new MRI systems.
(source: NRG and Bechadrei)

Become director of Abu Kabir with no education? If anyone can do it, Meshi-Zahav can. I am not sure that he can, but if anyone uneducated could possibly do it, it would be him.

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