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Nov 15, 2012

Interesting Psak: The Show Must Go On!

Last night I heard on the radio a chat with various residents of southern Israel. They were describing how difficult life has been, and how difficult it is with the escalation. One of the points mentioned that stuck in my mind was describing how normal life has been disrupted - not just by having to go to bomb shelters in the middle of the night or covering one's kid with his or her own body to protect from possible shrapnel or debris, but even the less obtrusive disruptions. Such as, how does one plan a wedding, not knowing if it will be able to take place due to rocket fire?

Simple get-togethers are difficult to maintain. Think of a kiddush or a shalom zachor, an engagement party, a birthday party. Normal life and a normal schedule with normal activities has been difficult to maintain. No matter what you want to do, you consider what will happen i a rocket is launched to the area. Plans for activities must be kept to within range and ability to get to shelter quickly.

To that end, the Chief Rabbi, Rav Yona Metzger has announced that people should not postpone or cancel weddings that were scheduled to happen in the near future. Rav Metzger recommended that alternate locations be found - either in a house with limited numbers of guests, or to hold it in other parts of the country... but the show must go on!
(source: NRG)

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