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Nov 19, 2012

This Kassam brought to you by which Kupat Tzedaka?

This image was sent to me yesterday. It is being passed around described as a Kassam rocket that was shot to Israel. The body of the Kassam rocket was made from a pole of a bus stop or light pole that was cut and stolen from Bnei Braq, and the Hamas rocket makers somehow forgot to remove the tzedaka boxes that were welded on before making and shooting the rocket into Israel.

this Kassam rocket sponsored by Kupat Ha'Ir

It is a pretty funny story and picture, and worth posting just for the laughs.

Clearly it is a "photoshopped" picture. There is no way they could have not noticed the tzedaka boxes, or forgotten to remove them. And leaving them on, while I am not an engineer, I do not believe there is any way such a rocket could have been shot, let alone travel with any accuracy or distance with that unbalanced extra weight on it...

Still, it is pretty funny.

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