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Nov 28, 2012

State wants Egged to advertise men and women on buses

I have not seen any news on this issue in a while. When Egged made the decision to no longer allow human faces of either gender to be included in advertising placards on the buses, in response to petitions claiming discrimination due to male pictures being allowed and female faces not allowed, it seemed like they had found a solution that worked.

The State is now responding saying they are opposed to Egged's decision. According to Haaretz's report, the State responded to the Supreme Court saying that it is clear Egged's decision was just a way to get around advertising with faces of women. This is a breach in the license agreement between Egged and the State.

The Supreme Court took the response to the petitioners, the Yerushalmim Movement, and asked i they are now satisfied and will pull the petition or if they wish to continue pursuing the matter. The group responded saying that the State has said they dont accept Egged's solution, but now they want to see what the State is actually going to do about it - will the State pull Egged's license or put some sort of sanctions to force Egged to comply? Until Egged agrees to advertise with faces of women, the petition continues.

Egged's spokesperson responded to the news with a patronizing statement, saying that with Israel is busy with a war (note; this happened during the Amud Anan operation in Gaza), and hundreds of Egged drivers have been drafted, I will not deal with this now but will leave our response for the arena of the courts.

I wonder if the State is opposed to Egged's decision for real or just because we are in election season and the political parties want to be able to advertise themselves with the images of their leaders and candidates, be it Likud's Netanyahu, Labor's Yachimovitch, Shas's Rav Ovadiah, The Movement's Livni, Yesh Atid's Lapid, Am Shalem's Amsalem or any of the others...

It's a cynical approach, especially since it is not likely any decision will be made and enforced in time to be used during the current election cycle, but the timing is right.

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1 comment:

  1. Would 'the State' be forcing secular coercion? I think Egged made a good decision, as well as to avoid this now, but would the Haredim be willing to accept a three month period of leniency during election times when face shots are legitimate?


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