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Nov 20, 2012

Quote of the Day

Also in the Likud there is a difference of opinions.. you have both Dan Meridor and you have Rightists. Does that mean they cannot run together in the same joint political party?

  -- Aryeh Deri, responding to the question repeatedly asked how he, perceived as moderate, or even leaning to the left of the political spectrum  can run on the same ticket as Eli Yishai who is perceived as more right wing...

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  1. Aryeh Deri exemplifies all that is wrong and corrupt in Israeli society.

    "Rabbi" Deri was convicted of taking $155,000 in bribes while serving as Interior Minister. In 2000 he was given a three-year jail sentence in 2000.

    He is morally disqualified from trying to get back into political office, given his disgustingly appalling criminal record.

    But hey! this is Israel and Israeli politics doth make strange bedfellows of us all.

    1. Why post something so irrelevant to the quote. Is there Seething Hatred boiling inside of you?

    2. Yehuda - I agree, Darth Zeidah has no reason to have seething hatred towards Deri.
      Now the Oslo widows and orphans, that's another story - I would think that THEY have a good reason to hate Deri's guts, unless you think that the mikvahs Shas built with checks from Yitzchak Rabin's government are more precious than the loved ones murdered by Arafat's henchmen.

  2. Need to tell that to Aryeh Eldad and Ben-Ari, who have divided the Ichud Leumi, when it decided to run with Habayit HaYehudi, in order to unify the right

  3. Why do people still think that Shas is right-wing? Shas is actually pure centre.

    Meir S, that wasn't the issue at all but rather Tekumah's desire to reunite with the Mafdal because A) polls were saying that a united dati-leumi party would get more than seven seats, B) Tekumah was scared that the Mafdal would not pass the threshold, C) Tekumah (Katz and Ariel) were willing to sacrifice Ben Ari and Eldad to join up with he Mafdal.

    But what actually happened?
    Ben Ari and Eldad did not accept that unification at their expense,
    the Mafdal made a very successful campaign of rejuvenating the dati-leumi sector,
    Bennet (with Tekumah's blessing) won and he is very charismatic, boosting the Mafdal's image, on paper that is.
    The Mafdal line up is young and unexperienced.
    Tekumah, has suffered a major setback. Tekumah, never really separate party, is not in the stronger position anymore to dictate terms to the Mafdal. The Mafdal knows this now, and the Mafdal is getting full of itself and really believing that it can get 13 seats in the next Knesset.
    Uri Ariel is already talking about window of opportunity closing for the unification because who needs them now?


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