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Nov 28, 2012

Headline of the Day

Stabbed in the face and shoulder, woman fought off her Gazan attacker

  -- Times of Israel

Wow. This woman was heroic.

From the article:

A knife-wielding intruder broke into a woman’s home early Monday morning in a community in the Eshkol border region and was fought off by a tenacious mother protecting her four children. Later in the day, the mother, Yael — who was only identified by her first name and who was lightly injured in the attack — had her version of the story related to Ynet by her father.
The intruder, a Palestinian man who apparently infiltrated Israel from the southern Gaza Strip, broke into Yael’s home in Sde Avraham at 4 a.m., armed with a crowbar and a knife. Upon entering the master bedroom where Yael and her 2- and 4-year-old children slept, the man reportedly attempted to attack the woman. But Yael confronted her assailant, and during the ensuing life-and-death struggle she was stabbed in the face and shoulder. She nonetheless succeeded in repelling the attacker, and ushered her children into the house’s safe room.
The armed man threw various household objects at Yael, including a mirror which shattered. She was able, however, to shove the attacker into the adjacent bathroom and bar the door with the bed.
“While the attacker was in the bathroom, she managed to call her neighbor, who was [on the community's] security detail, and her husband, who serves [in the IDF],” Yael’s father told Ynet. The intruder climbed out of the bathroom window and fled the scene.
“He realized that he couldn’t overpower her and that she’s strong and determined,” he said.
IDF troops and police who arrived moments later chased the man to a nearby greenhouse and attempted to detain him. When the suspect failed to halt when ordered, he was shot and killed.
Troops combing the area, in the Shalom bloc of the Eshkol region, also found a hole in the border fence with Gaza which was apparently connected to the incident.
The IDF later stated that the Palestinian man cut through the Israeli border fence undetected, and said it was investigating why the electronic fence and IDF surveillance did not notice his entry to Israel.
The man had no identifying papers on his body

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  1. Hey Rafi,

    Did you notice that none of the big foreign media outlets ran this story? I wonder why!


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