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Nov 14, 2012

Kat Ha'Shalim Kidnapping

It seems as though everything the members of the "kat ha'shalim", the veiled women cult, do, or anything that happens to them, makes the news.

A dispute, like similar disputes that happen regularly, get blown up when one of the member is a member of the kat ha'shalim. A domestic dispute, something that happens in many divorce or separation situations, gets taken out of context. I imagine if one was spotted picking her nose it would also make the news. There is some sort of fascination with what is going on among the kat ha'shalim people.

Bechadrei is reporting on what should simply be looked at as a domestic dispute. A couple is separated, due to her involvement with the kat ha'shalim. he is a member of a "well-known" hassidus in jerusalem, and is living there, while she is a member of the kat ha'shalim and is living in Bet Shemesh. She had the 5 kids with her, but members of his family came in the night and "kidnapped" them.

The families situation is known to the courts and to social services, and may have to step in and get involved to resolve this situation.

If not for the fact that she is a kat ha'shalim, there is nothing unusual in this story. Unfortunately it happens all the time, to people affiliated, and to people unaffiliated, with all sorts of groups and communities..

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