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Nov 28, 2012

Quote of the Day

There is a little party called Meretz. All of Meretz's voters are in the media, and they judge all the other parties according to the platform of Meretz.

  -- Minister of Education Gideon Saar

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  1. Love him!

    Did you see how he pwned that stupid interviewer from YNet at the Likud primaries? I wish I could remember the details... the interviewer opened by talking about how the Likud has veered away from the center to the right and will likely lose centrist votes, and how does he feel about that? Saar basically just pulled a jiu-jitsu move on him, pushed away the mike and said something like, "Well, if you, some arbitrary Lefty media pundit, think you know better what's good for the Likud than 70,000 Likud members, then you don't really need me to comment on anything." The interviewer hastily apologized, gave him back the mike, and asked him something a little less aggressive.

    Does anyone else recall more details about that little exchange? I just remember I loved it!

  2. I didnt see it. I followed very little of the post-election media

  3. We will definitely see a stronger Likud this time. After Sharon decimated the Likud taking away the many famous faces, Netanyahu had to deal with many unknown nobodies. And four years of even minimal exposure in the media as gotten names like Saar, Arden, and Elkin into the general awareness. Yisrael Hayom has definitely made an impact in that right-wingers do not have to be as afraid of Yediot and the rest of the leftist media as before. Wow, this is a new Likud. The Likud of the past was afraid of Feiglin not because of his views but rather because he made them look bad in the media. And now, the Likud (Saar) is showing that he couldn't care less. Would love to see that clip on youtube.

    Wow, this might be a game changer. We've gotten so used to seeing the media like Haaretz, Yediot, and Channel 2 set the 'daily agenda'. Danon was interviewed yesterday morning on the radio and asked to comment, among other things like Likud turning far-left, about something that was written in the newspapers and he did not hesitate to say, 'if you can believe me, I haven't bothered to read the newspapers yet. I'm busy preparing my children for school.' Classic


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