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Nov 18, 2012

Interesting Posts #427

1. Beer, not bombs

2. Sending the soldier from shul

3. Where I come from

4. Sirens in Tel Aviv

5. We are not ALL bad

6. Sirens in Jerusalem

7. Hamas Reveals Danger of driving in the Middle East

8. The pernicious BBC

9. A number of websites are live-blogging the war (or operation), but none do it as well as Jameel.

10. Charedi leadership tone-deaf?

11. why yeshiva students dont serve in the army

12. Letter to Mr. Netanyahu

13. Passion, Love and Hope

14. Stella's Army Bracelets - the process

15. The treasurer vs the people - my bill is wrong!

16. praying at the kotel

17. Gaza Strip dangerously low on fake blood

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  1. Thanks for providing such an interesting list, and including my post. I'm humbled by the inclusion among such other posts.


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