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Nov 14, 2012

Interesting Posts #426

1. There has been some debating about whether we need an Anglo rep in the Knesset.. Let's start with Don't Vote For the Anglo Candidate and move on to Why we dont have an Anglo MK, and then More on the Non-Existent Anglo MK

2. Why Bill Cosby is a great man

3. Any Given Sunday.. in Sderot

4. The Reason Why (making aliyah and joining the IDF)

5. Seating and Public Transportation

6. When Only The Mechitza Is Left

7. Jonathan and a Coloring Book

8. Chareidi Sem Offering Course In Smartphone App Development

9. some Rabbonim on Sandy

10. Arafat's Yahrtzeit at the Muqata

11. voting for Daniel Tauber

12. Competition is not a dirty word

13. Zeev Jabotinsky alive and well in Nebraska!

14. Find these Jerusalem buildings, 110 years later

15. Rav Aharon Kotler, leader of men

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