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Nov 29, 2012

Quote of the Day

I oppose the government position not just on this matter. My entire life I have worked against the occupation and for the vision of two countries for two peoples.It is a legitimate struggle, even if will remain the last citizen of Israel I will continue to support that step which is a moral implementation of the Palestinian nation in order to free themselves from the Israeli occupation. 
Last year as well the PA turned to the UN, and it was punished by the international community - but the Palestinian nation survived. This time the decision is to not prioritize considerations of financial international support over the struggle for independence and for stabilizing the position of Palestine as an independent country. 

  -- MK Ahmed Tibi

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  1. And when Palestine is an independent country, will you go and settle there, Mr. Tibi?

    1. lots of ameican jews worked for an independent israel, even fought in 48, and stayed in america

  2. So nice to know that his salary is paid by Israel.

  3. I find it very peculiar that the ad that follows this story is for moslemaid.com, soliciting donations to the "Gaza Emergency Fund".

    This is hardly compatible with the general thrust of this website!


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