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Nov 25, 2012

Pelephone tries to reel me in with expensive package

The cellphone companies have mostly calmed down with their offers and have arrived at some sort of fairly stable pricing. Besides for the occasional special price, it has been more or less stable the past few months.

But, yes, today Pelephone called me up and asked me which mobile service I am using. They then asked me if I am satisfied, and after responding that i am, they asked if they could make me an offer to get me to consider switching to them. I responded positively.

Sure enough, they made an offer that was more expensive than the plan I am currently on. They knew the price I am paying because they asked me what service I use, and they still made me a more expensive offer.

Were they really expectng me to say yes?

If I had said I was not satisfied with my current provider, I'd be able to understand - maybe I'd be willing to pay a little more to get better service. If the price offered was cheaper, I'd also understand - something to reel me in. But they knew I am satisfied, and they knew they are offering me a higher price. So, what exactly were they expecting?

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  1. How can you post this today without mentioning the latest bombshell from Golan? 49nis for half a year for new joiners.

    The prices are not stable but rather rising back up at the big companies. Their profits sank in the last quarter (but still in the gazillions) and they have to show something to their stock holders.

    Before Golan came along, an agent from Cellcom called me and also, even though i said i was happy with Orange, insisted on coming over to my office to talk to me. Of course, even though I rspect someone's parnasa, I told him to come as late as possible (as if my boss is supposed to pay for my meeting or me waste a break on him). He came, threw at me some numbers, of course including the possibility to get a snazzy new phone, but it was obvious to a high school dropout that he was offering me a higher price. I told him, that I have little loyalty to Orange, so offer me something lower and I move. He told me to take it or leave it.
    :-) Josh


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