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Nov 15, 2012

Oceanside Hit Badly by Sandy

The Seagate community has been pretty good and efficient about putting out information about the damage they suffered from Hurricane Sandy, and thereby generating waves of assistance and chessed to help them recover.

Many other communities were also hurt badly, and not all of them have gotten as much press as Seagate, so they might have flown by under our radar. A friend sent to me these pictures of the community in Oceanside. The picture are of the damage suffered by the Young Israel of Oceanside and by the HALB school...

unrolled and wet torah scrolls

Drying out the torah scrolls

prayer books and bibles (seforim) outside shul

HALB pools

Tree Hasn't fallen, yet

Sands Hall

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  1. I don't understand. Does nobody in that synagogue ready the news? We had plenty of notice. If I had time to evacuate my family surely someone could have put a few Torahs in their trunk on the way out of town...


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