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Dec 19, 2012

Ariel Attias Criticizes Bayit Yehudi For Being Sectoral (video)

In a rally in Elad, Housing Minister Ariel Attias commented on the idea floated by Bayit Yehudi that they might demand the Ministry of Housing portfolio in a future government, to get it out of the hands of SHAS who were only concerned with building for their own sector.

Attias's response is that Bayit Yehudi is a sectoral party, while they helped everyone who is a "have-not", they strengthened the weak. He says we are not sectoral, but the entire nation is our sector, and they only want their little sector to control it..

I happen to like Ariel Attias and think he did good work in a ministry that was stagnant for a long time, but it is disingenuous of him to make the claim that SHAS is not a sectoral party.

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  1. Shas is not sectoral in that it is not only for Sephardi Haredim, rather its voter base goes much farther into anyone following Rav Ovadia Yosef. Just like the Sepharadi shul where religious sit alongside traditional.

    On the other hand, the Mafdal was until now a party only for Ashkenazim (like the Ashkenazi shul where it is rare to find a 'traditional' Ashkenazi). I think Bennet is aiming to make the Mafdal into a Shas-like broader party in that it will appeal to 'traditional' right-wing Ashkenazim as well (they do in fact exist. they just don't come to shul.).

    My speculation is that Bennet is a reverse Feiglin. Feiglin joined the Likud because he admitted that the sectorial party is weak and there is more strength in joining the rest of Am Yisrael in the Likud, bringing in more right-wing people and more religious people. Bennet, is reverse. He came into the Mafdal from being a Likudnik, and brought the idea that there can be non-religious people as well. I know for a fact that a couple of my non-religious friends are suddenly supportive of the Mafdal now.

    I can see the Mafdal and Likud uniting in the future sometime. Why?

    At this point, I don't trust Bennet. Bennet made an 'exit' when he sold his company for many millions instead of taking it all the way into a viable independent company. I can see Bennet go the way of previous Mafdal Effi Ettam who broke off into Achi which merged to the Likud. It is possible that Bennet might make another 'exit' and do the same with the Mafdal. Feiglin prepared the way, and frankly, most Mafdal strives to be liked by the non-religious. The Mafdal is still a coalition wannabee, but the sparks of leadership are there for Bennet to merge with the Likud in order to be assured a much quicker way to the top spot which otherwise is impossible in the sectoral Mafdal.


  2. interesting thought. I actually just read an article by Moshe Feiglin somewher ein which he criticizes Bennet for heading the Mafdal. he said that Bennet and Shaked both were planning to run for the Likud primaries but when saw how difficult it would be as the candidates kept getting more numerous, he chose to take over the Mafdal instead.
    If that is true, and I have no idea of it is or it isnt, you could be correct.

    I suspected Bennet was trying to move mafdal away from being a sectoral Dati Leumi party dealing with religious issues and into becoming a more mini-Likud, which would also allow for an eventual merger.


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