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Dec 31, 2012

SHAS keeps racism alive

I don't remember hearing so much racist and discriminatory talk from anyone in many years as much as we have heard ever since Aryeh Deri returned to politics.

(his regularly raising the racist banner almost proves my point that I have made in the past that I believe that the existence of a party like SHAS is what keeps racism and discrimination alive - not because people don't like them and therefore don't like Sephardim, but because very few people think of racism on a daily basis, or treat Sephardim poorly on a regular basis. But Shas keeps racism alive so that they can fight it.)

Just saying...

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  1. This morning on Radio Kol Chai, Yididya Meir read a recent article by Ariyeh Deri complaining that none of the majjor parties have space for accommodation.

    Yididya went on to say that not only do most of the parties have sfardim in high places (Silvan Shalom, Shaul Mofaz, etc), and Sfardim have been Ramat Kal, President, and other senior positions, but most of us are unaware of the ethnic background of most politicians, because other than Shas, no political party thinks that ethnic background is even relevant.

  2. C'mon, the issue is not Shas.

    I don't know who Deri is and I wasn't really interested in Israeli politics during his time. It might have been a travesty of justice that selectively put him away, but nonetheless, the left/media did indeed win. Hashem knows all why Deri had to suffer nonetheless but now that he's back, it's like he was in slumber and did not notice that we have progressed since then. Yes, there is still discrimination in the Haredi world, but it's an internal Haredi issue, and no one is listening anymore. FWIW, my IT company is full of sepharadi people who have worked their way up the corporate ladder.

    Deri, I'm sorry but who cares?

  3. Deri supported Oslo for MONEY. Well over 1000 Jews murdered - I assume about half (or more) were sephardim.
    Deri got more sephardim killed than ANYONE (with the exception of our non-political president, of course) else.

  4. The Europeans of the Jewish Faith cannot possibly expect to get away with decades of racism and discrimination directed against the Arab Jews. Especially since the Arab Jews are now the clear majority!

  5. European of the Jewish faith cannot expect to get away with decades of racism and discrimination which they directed against Arab Jews. Especially since Arab Jews are the clear majority.


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