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Dec 27, 2012

Shabbos Goy Arrested in Bnei Braq For...

Many frum neighborhoods around Israel, and in other heimishe communities around the world, have a designated Shabbos Goy.

Legends are formed around such people, and there are always interesting stories. There are the stories of how they helped people who were desperate, there are the stories of how they dealt with appropriate payment, there are stories of how the neighborhood treated the Shabbos Goy and what working conditions they gave him, there are stories of how the non-Jew turned out actually be a Jew, and now there are stories of what else the non-Jew was doing while he was working as the Shabbos Goy.

According to a Ynet (and subsequently Kikar is also reporting it) report, a Palestinian man living in Bnei Braq employed as a Shabbos Goy was arrested for taking advantage sexually of young (in the range of 14 years old) yeshiva boys after gaining their trust and confidence by giving them money. This fellow has been living in Bnei Braq and working in this capacity for 20 years already.

The investigation has been ongoing secretly for a while, but has now been revealed upon his arrest.

Don't think the Shabbos Goy is your friend, just because he turns on your lights that went out.

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1 comment:

  1. why should the goy be any worse than the rabbis?The goy must have learned the concept of "Ma'aseh Rav".


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