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Dec 18, 2012

Public Servants Salaries Increasing in 2013

The economy is very fragile. Thankfully we have not had a crisis like that experienced around the world, such as in Europe and in the USA, yet still things are fragile. Economists are now forecasting slightly higher than expected economic growth in 2013, yet recently we have seen unemployment start to move up again after a period of reasonable stability and it is expected to increase dramatically in 2013. There is talk about a series of budget cuts coming in 2013, along with an increase in taxes. Cost of living has been expensive, and prices are regularly being increased.

Globes is reporting, based on a report in Yediot Achronot, that our public servants are all getting raises in 2013.

As good or as bad as the situation gets in Israel our taxes get raised and prices are increased, people have to worry about their jobs, yet Public Service seems to continue be the most secure, and lucrative, job industry in the country..

PM Benjamin Netanyahu will receive an increase of 640 NIS per month, bringing his monthly salary to 46,644 NIS per month.

The prime minister does not even make the top public salary in the country. As a matter of fact, he is only third on the list. The top two are the President, Shimon Peres, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Asher Gronis. Shimon Peres will be receiving a salary increase of 1500 NIS, bringing his salary to 53,612 NIS per month. Asher Gronis will also be receiving an increase of 1500 NIS bringing his salary to 52, 015 NIS per month.

Every MK will receive a salary increase of 1,119 NIS per month, bring their salaries to 38,404 NIS per month.

Maybe I should plan to run for Knesset in the next elections. Too bad it's already too late for these elections.

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  1. I have no problem with the salary levels of the Chief Justice and Prime Minister, or that they got an increase. I do though find it strange that the President is the highest paid civil servant - it is a ceremonial role, and essentially an honour for a lifetime of public service. I can't see why it should outstrip PM and CJ for pay.

  2. The first step in fixing the major problem of corruption in politics is to remove the financial incentive of public service. MKs should get exactly what the average Israeli citizen gets so that they are motivated to make that number rise.

  3. the opposite theory is that if you don't pay them a nice salary they will be more inclined and susceptible to taking bribes

  4. Agree with Rafi. A public representative should be financially free in order to concentrate on work and not need to handle looking for envelopes of money.

  5. the only problem with the theory is that in practice it seems that despite the really nice salaries, enough of them are finding ways to get the envelopes...

    but that is really besides the point. i dont begrudge them their nice salaries. I am sure they work hard, and it is a mostly thankless job. My point is that in a time of financial stress, with serious budget cuts coming, with tax increases coming and with what seems like a good chance of a downturn in the economy coming, a freeze on salary increases might be in order. Anyways they already have nice salaries. Way above the average Israeli income. Do they really need to take a raise at this time?


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