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Dec 16, 2012

Interesting Posts #432

1. Did Judah the Maccabee invent personal branding?

2. Kindling the lights of diversity

3. Life's Tough

4. what kind of Sabra do I want to be?

5. 15 lessons from the past 9 years

6. Egotism and politics

7. Another son coming home

8. Nero of the East

9. Death throes of a cover-up culture?

10. Restoring Deterrence

11. the cost of a penthouse in Gan Eden

12. Lt. Col. Shlom Eisner has been vindicated

13. a song for some unsung heroes

14. Israeli elections

15. could rabbis kill Judaism?

16. The miracle of Channuka

17. A mensch - always happy to point out menschlichkeit, and I learned in yeshiva with Sruly many moons ago, so happy birthday to a mensch!

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  1. Rafi, once again, thanks for linking to me.

  2. I thank you as well, for the numerous links here (long overdue) and for the birthday wishes! What is your last name? I will ask Sruly if he remembers you.

  3. goldmeier. he'll remember the name at least. there were a couple of us in yeshiva. did you guys live in mattesdorf for a few years? I think we looked once at renting the apartment you were leaving...

    1. We did! Could be... I'll ask him. Our 16 yo son is at Telshe now.

  4. Thanks for the link to my blog!


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