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Dec 31, 2012

Quote of the Day

We have a prime minister who is impotent, who does not know how ti manage - not with the Palestinians and not with the world. If he "really wants" and it isn't happening - it seems there is  a failure in his ability to perform. And if he is making the calls simply as lip service and does not really mean it - how much more so he should not be in this position..

  -- Tzippi Livni

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  1. I don't get why Tzippi Livni keeps getting QOTD on Life In Israel. Is it out of morbid fascination with the way this woman can generate seemingly endless quantities of incoherent blather?

  2. I dont know what you mean by "keeps getting". she has gotten a couple of qotd's recently, the last one being about 3 weeks ago, IIRC. I dont think she gets more than anyone else who gets qotd'ed...
    and, though I have explained before I will explain again, qotd does not mean I agree with the statement. it means something provocative, witty, sharp, humorous, or to the point, that I think deserves notice. Her statement of Bibi being impotent and not being able to perform fits the bill...

  3. Are those deliberate sexual innuendos, or is that just the way it sounds in translation.

    If a male politician made similar remarks about a female politician, do you think that they would be able to retain their job? Why should it be acceptable from a woman to a man.

    Anyway - at least Tzippi is playing to form, all she seems capable of are meaningless criticisms of the PM - forget an alternative plan for anything, a set a values, a policy on economy, security, social issues, or defence. Why anyone would even consider voting for her is beyond me. Especially as there are serious candidates on the Center Left.

  4. she used the word "impotent" - אימפוטנט, and then said inability to perform. it isnt a translation issue... that is precisely why she made qotd today

    1. Then that really is pretty tasteless. As Michael says, no male politician would get away with making similar remarks about a female adversary. But I guess she knows what appeals to the kind of people who would vote for her...

  5. As the rules for British newspaper competitions used to say, "The editor's decision is final". Translated into the current context, that means that this is Rafi's web site and he is therefore entitled to publish what he wants, when he wants, subject to the laws of libel and public decency.

    והמבין יבין


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