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Dec 27, 2012

PSA: RBS A mikva division

I was asked to post the following information as a public service announcement, as there seems to still be some confusion.

The renovations of the Lachish mikva have been completed and the mikva is now operational.

The Dolev mikva is now completely under the auspices of Rav Spektor and the local Rabbanut, and it's operation is in accordance with the decisions and customs of the Rabbanut.

The Lachish mikva is under joint supervision of Rav Spektor and the local haredi rabbonim (led by Rav Davidovitch) and it's operation is in accordance with the decisions and customs of the local haredi rabbonim.

I am told that people are not necessarily aware of which customs are being followed/enforced in which mikva, and are going to the "wrong" mikva. The mikva ladies, I am told, are being very considerate and when asked are directing women to the correct mikvas. Even if a woman paid in one mikva and then discovered she is in the wrong mikva, she is not asked to pay again when arriving at the other mikva. If I understand correctly, the money from both mikvaot is controlled by the local Rabbanut, or religious council, and is really the same "pot", and the sensitivity and behavior is in accordance with how it should be running.

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  1. what on earth does that mean? "the wrong mikvah"? I don't understand. If a woman is ready for the mikvah, can't she just use the mikvah?!

  2. One error can be overlooked, but not the same error twice in one post.

    "it's operation" is wrong. It has to be "its operation", without the apostrophe.

    If you want to abbreviate "it is", then you do write "it's". But there's no apostrophe in the possessive form.

  3. apostrophe s is used to show possession in most cases, but not with its - no apostrophe by possessive pronouns. my mistake.


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