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Dec 17, 2012

Ultra-Orthodox Clubbing

I don't think this guy...

is dancing in the same nightclub as the one described in this Haaretz article. The difference is that this guy is going to a mixed club and dancing with women around, and maybe with women, while the haredi women described in the article who go out clubbing at night, drinking and dancing, are doing so in an all-female club...

either way, it is a strange phenomenon...

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  1. Its very funny, but the other day on a bus I saw some young girls dressed very Israeli but speaking arabic. I asked the lady next to me if they were in fact arab girls. She said yes, that when they leave the house, they take off the long garb and go where the young Israeli girls go. Also, she told me that girls from Meah Shearim go to Tel Aviv to dance and drink. I asked how she knew, and she replied that the pictures are on TV. I bet these yiddishe girls/ladies don't know they are being filmed. So very sad.

  2. israen vann över egypten i 6 dagars kriget som egypteb startade men dom tog inte egypten så nu vill mekka ta en del av israel så då ska israel ta en del av meeka eller ???????????????


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