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Dec 18, 2012

Memorializing Noah Pozner and other victims of Sandy Hook (video)

two different ways of memorializing...

Rabbi Shaul Praver sings Hebrew prayer at Newtown vigil

Chabad puts tefillin on Lenny Pozner at the shiva house...

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  1. That's the Chabad rabbi of stamford, where I grew up, Rabbi Yisrael Deren. Truly amazing person. Here's an article by his wife, Vivi, on helping to take care of Noah's parents: http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/2076091/jewish/Driving-Home-from-Newtown.htm

  2. re: The Tefilin.

    The father was an onein.

  3. I wonder why the first rabbi is wearing the tallit like a scarf. If it doesn't cover the shoulders, then it's like he's not wearing it at all. Perhaps, since it is not a real prayer service, and there is a machloket about wearing a tallit except in the morning.

  4. he looks Reform to me, and that is how Reform wear the tallit

  5. He's a conservative rabbi.

    The talit is part of the uniform.

    Whether or not its chayav b'tzitzis is not the issue.

    Rest assured, you need not concern yourselves about his having made a berocha l'votolo, as he probably did not make one at all.


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