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Dec 31, 2012

Picture of the Day: Only in Israel

The story behind the picture:
a young man in Kiryat Malachi was called in to the police station and given a restraining order from his wife, who had recently given birth to his first-born son.
The fellow wanted to perform the mitzva of pidyon haben, redeeming the firstborn son, but the restraining order presented a problem. As the 30th day approached, the father came up with an idea by which both parents could be at the pidyon haben - by holding the ceremony in the police station. He asked the police chief, who agreed to the idea.
The pidyon haben ceremony was held in the shul of the police station. As an aside, the young man, in his excitement and emotional state had forgotten to bring a kippa along, and the police were once again able to come through in a pinch and provide the head covering, in the form of a police cap.

I am not a big fan of calling stories "only in Israel", but this really sounds to me like an "Only in Israel" story!

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