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Dec 20, 2012

Striving For Women-Free Streets

Yes! A way has finally been found to keep women at home and off the streets! No longer will women need, or be allowed, to walk outside! Finally our streets will be all-male, free of women and the pitfalls they bring.

According to NRG Yahadut, booklets were recently passed out to women, in Tel Aviv of all places, for the Haredi woman, called "The Guide to Kosher Parnassa", explaining and giving practical solutions of how to live successfully without stepping foot out on the city streets.

The explanation for this ridiculousness comes in the next paragraph when it is explained that the guide was published by an organization called "b'Nafsheinu" that is connected to the kat ha'shalim - the veiled-women cult people.

Here is my free-translation recap of the article:

According to the report,  the booklet has two sections - the first being divrei torah about the greatness of women who stay home, and the second being a practical guide how to overcome the seduction of going outside.

According to the booklet, Hashem wants women to hide herself, not just by dressing modestly but to actually  hide themselves as much as possible.
האישה צריכה להצניע כמה שיותר את מציאות. קונטרס
האישה צריכה להצניע כמה שיותר את מציאות. קונטרס "המדריך לפרנסה כשרה" ישי פרידמן
Before a woman goes outside, she should be doubly sure that she actually needs to, whether it is for going to the supermarket, or taking the kids out for a walk. It says that it is always best for a woman to sit at home and never go outside. Every time a woman goes out of her house, she puts herself at risk - perhaps at that moment she is missing her chance to fulfill her mission in this world, and therefore best not to go out at all.

Going out is dangerous, and much more so when it is done regularly on a daily routine. And going out with jewelry is much worse. Working in a workplace with men, even "kosher men", causing great difficulties, even if not wearing jewelry, especially today when employers often demand their employees come to work looking respectful, so that adds on to all the other problems.

Advice given includes that if a woman should need to go out, she should find alternatives - make ones purchases via the telephone, send children to their schools via paid carpools, one can hear shiurim from home, pay bills by credit card, and these should be done even if it will incur greater expense. Similar to the Lulav and Esrog that cost a lot of money, as well as other mitzvis that we know how to invest in hiddur.

The guide also says that if a woman has to go out, it is prohibited to wear jewelry, not to use perfume or makeup, and obviously not to wear any skin-colored clothing. Avoid any deodorants or things that cause a nice smell, no soap or shampoo that smell nice.

I don't know where they get this stuff from, but more power to 'em! The more they stay indoors, the less we will have to see them!

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  1. Sadly, I predict it's only a matter of time before these booklets hit our schools. Mandatory reading...:(

  2. I really hope your last 2 sentences are a joke, because they show a disregard for people victimized by this idiocy.

  3. it was a joke, but I dont know what you mean? I dont consider the m to be victimized, as most of these women have chosen this route on their own. This is mostly a female initiative. From reports, many of the husbands are against it, and many rabbis have spoken out against it.

    1. Regardless of whether they chose it themselves, it's an offshoot of overly strict tznius standards and attitudes toward women that are approved by mainstream frum society. So it that sense they are victimized.

  4. I think these guys are doing for Judaism what this year's Jets have done for the art of quarterbacking.

  5. Where can I get one of these? I might want it come Purim time.

  6. I guess they are proponents of having home internet access

  7. A special cloak is needed to make the wearer invisible.


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