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Dec 26, 2012

Some election videos - Breslav for Shas, Otzma l'Yisrael and Likud (video)

Breslav for SHAS: one of the major Breslav group has come out supporitng SHAS, and no the Nach Nach party

Otzma l'Yisrael.. I like them but their video is a message of fear...

Shas: we are the mezuza of the government..

Likud: When Netanyahu Speaks, the world listens..

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  1. The Otzma LeIsrael is not an official clip.

    Try this:
    Official Otzma LeYisrael Jingle

  2. thanks, though the video I posted is also an official video - I got it from the Otzma l'Yisrael youtube page... though obviously it isnt the campaign jingle

  3. Shas the mezzuza ?? Well based on their previous support for OSLO and importing Arafat, I would call it an EXPLODING mezzuza --- kaBOOOOM !

  4. The uploader states on that page, "This is not an official channel of Otzma LeYisrael. "

  5. Shas was single handedly responsible for allowing the disaster called Oslo. More specifically, Rav Yosef. Those that had a hand, however indirectly, in the murder of thousands, are in no place to be referring to themselves as the mezuzah of the government.


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