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Dec 30, 2012

Jerusalem to get world's biggest Ferris Wheel (video)

the footage in this clip seems totally random and has nothing to do with the Ferris Wheel...
we had one of these large Ferris Wheels in Chicago (at Navy Pier), and they are great with amazing views of the city. I am looking forward to this...

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  1. any indication when?

  2. I dont know, but Nir Barkat has mentioned a number of times in the past that he is trying to bring Formula 1 to Israel for an event. He recently announced (last week at a MATI conference) that it is basically a done deal. Just another interesting thing...

  3. I take it that seating on "the world's biggest Ferris wheel" will be strictly segregated by gender? If not, then why not? What precautions will be put in place to ensure that no man (regardless of whether or not he is charedi - or even Jewish)will be able to take lascivious peeks from the apogee of the wheel? It might even lead to mixed dancing in the passenger pods.

    Mark my words: this Ferris wheel will be a focus of to'eivah.

    I am waiting to see how long it will take for some killjoy to come along and claim that the money for the construction of the wheel would be far better spent on subsidising tuition fees.

  4. it wont get that far because it is already starting a fight over chilul shabbos. not the ferris wheel per se, but the entire complex being designed. The plans are, because it is privately owned, that it will be open on shabbos. there were articles in the papers last week about the haredim declaring they will fight against it.
    so if they ban it they cannot demand separate hours.

    as a side note, I figure they will succeed in getting it to be open separate hours at specific times of the year, or for special events/sessions where it will be marketed to the haredi public..

  5. How would that square with the giant one proposed for NYC?


  6. Also wondering about a timeline. The YouTube video was posted 2-1/2 years ago so sounds like old news. I'm a long ways from Israel (Canada) but surprising this hasn't appeared in any news report that I've seen.

    I'm not against the idea ... just wondering if Jerusalem is the best location. I could see it in Tel Aviv. YouTube description says ancient sites could be seen from the top. I'm wondering how much of the wheel would be seen from the old city ... just concerned that something like this would be detract from the image of Jerusalem. As a tourist, I'd come to Jerusalem for other reasons, not to ride a ferris wheel, but then it could be a unique vantage point for photographs. I've been to Israel twice on tours but don't know the geography of where the old train station was located.

    Rod C
    Halifax, Canada

  7. the clip is old, but it was found because the city has decided to revamp the entire area where the ferris wheel is planned to be and start construction. that was in the news (now I dont have links anymore)


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