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Dec 23, 2012

What This Week's Kupat Ha''Ir Ad Might Look Like

The following two "pashkevils", or maybe advertisements, are spoofs of what a Kupat Ha'Ir advertisement to raise money might look like this week upon the advent of Christmas. They are being sent around (i.e. I do not know what/who the original source is), and I thought they were pretty funny, so I am sharing them with you...

One says that on Nittle Nacht the gedolei yisrael and rabbonim will play backgammon, that is famous for it's segulos,  in your merit. The second says that for just 99 NIS a minyan of talmidei chachomim will stop learning Torah for 12 hours straight, on Nittel Nacht.

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  1. I find the whole idea of Nittel hilarious. Here we have the most ultra chareidim stopping learning Torah - for what, because J was born on that night. The only other day Torah learning is stopped is Tisha B'AV. Now I will admit that all the tragedieis that have resulted upon the Jewish people via Christianity are like Tisha B'Av, but I feel that they are in fact celebrating Christmas, especially by playing shesh-besh. It just is so amusing.

    1. Nittle is only "celebrated" by the chassidim, not by all chareidim.

  2. I admint to never really understanding nittel nacht... makes no sense to me.

  3. J wasn;t even born that night. the Gregorian calendar changed the whole system and there are (I believe) 12 missing days. so really J would be born in January and the 25th is NOTHING! The whole nittel nacht thing is based on the drunk peasants who went rampaging that night and it was too dangerous to go out and learn.


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