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Dec 25, 2012

Israeli roads to get all that crazier with increased speed limits

In case Israeli roads weren't dangerous enough already, the Ministry of Transportation has now announced that it will finally be implementing a decision, that was approved two years ago, to raise the speed limit on certain roads around the country.

Kvish 6, the cross-country toll road, is having it's speed limit increased from 110 kmph to 120kmph, though with the official policy of not enforcing speed violations until more than 10% of the limit has been violated, that makes the effective speed limit being 130 kmph. It is not quite the 140kmph Amnon Yitzchak wants the speed limit to be, but he seems to already be having an affect on the Israeli public sphere!

Other roads affected by the new policy are:

 Highway 1. Along certain portions of the road, the limit is being raised from 100kmph to 110kmph, with the effective limit being 120kmph. The section of road on which the speed limit will be increased are: between Ganot and Shaar Ha'Gay junctions.

Highway 2, aka the Coastal Road. Certain sections of the road will have their speed limts increased from 100kmph to 110kmph.

Other roads that will be adjusted are roads 40, 77 and 471.

According to the Globes report, the changes will be in effect in the near future. New signs need to be installed instructing of the changes.

So either get ready to drive faster, or get ready to avoid even crazier drivers!

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1 comment:

  1. If you've driven on any of these roads, you'd know that is the speed that people drive anyway, so they're not going to get any crazier.


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