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Dec 20, 2012

Quote of the Day

Banking reforms are the next thing we need to deal with, after the reforms we implemented in the cellular and television markets.The weak have no power to argue, to scream and to influence. The strong are the ones who get the cheapest prices..... The banks profit a billion shekels every quarter. This money comes from the interest that the public pays. If they profit 100 million, would that not be enough? This money comes from you, and from your parents, and not justly. We see now in the banks that if someone has money he gets interest rates of 1.5%, and if he does not he gets rates of 6% - 7%...
We can do this differently. In the past 60 years no new bank has opened up in Israel, no competition has been created, this is very troubling and is not understandable to me. By bringing in more banks, we will pay lower interest rates and lower commissions. The same is true with the food industry and with every aspect of our lives..

 -- Minister of Communications and Minister of Social Services Moshe Kachlon

If Kachlon is eyeing the banking industry for the next sages of reforms, does that mean he is looking for either a ministerial appointment or some other form of being appointed to implement reforms? Perhaps this means his time-out from politics does not mean a time-out from working for the public.

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1 comment:

  1. I think Cahlon's major accomplishment was that he took advantage of the relatively stable government in power for four years to do something. I think that most of the other ministers were complacent and didn't have much of a plan to revolutionize much. We need a Cahlon in the Misrad hadatot. It's been too long that that the 'ministry' has been stagnant.


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