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Dec 2, 2012

Surfer's Tuches Deemed Not Tzanua

I don't know what they were thinking, or smoking, when they put up the statue of a female surfer into a central fountain in Yehud last week. Did they really think Shas would not object to it, and have it removed/replaced, thus wasting thousands of shekels?

surf's up, dude!
The Shas representatives, according to the article on Mynet, are upset and think the statue should have been made of a male surfer, as that would have been more reasonably tzanua.

Considering that the statue is of a female surfer that is in a full bathing suit, the Shas reps specifically explained that what upsets them is the way the statues tuches sticks out, though unless the statue is wearing a burkini I dont see why the full bathing suit should not itself be a problem for the Shas reps.

The artist himself claims the statue is tzanua. He says the if one were to look at the statue he would see that it is in a full bathing suit up until the knees (note: I guess it is in a burkini). He says he took into account the issue of tzniyut, and the instructions he received form City Hall also included to take care about the issue of tzniyut. He says no limb is exposed, and there is nothing to complain about. I guess he took everything into account except the tuches.

As a result of the protest, an agreement was reached in which the statue would be replaced with that of a male surfer.

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  1. so if they make the boobs smaller and add a penis, but leave the clothing and pose the same, the same tush goes from untzanua to tzanua?

  2. The statue is very near where I work and I saw them preparing the Kikar and fountain over the past several months.

    Didn't see anything immodest about the statue, hard to tell whether it is a man or a woman, however I was puzzled why a city far from the sea with historic sights like Kever Yehuda, and a wide spectrum of Jews from different backgrounds, including Ethiopian, Indian, Bucharian, Turkish, but not Hawaiian would have a statue of surfer - seems kinda random.

  3. Ceci n'est pas une pipe

    It's a block of metal.


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