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Jul 23, 2019

Aliza Bloch offered position to head Ichud Hayemin

According to this report, MK Motti Yogev has confirmed that Ichud Hayemin is opposed to Ayelet Shaked heading the list only because she is not religious and not because she is a woman. To prove that Yogev revealed that they approached Dr Aliza Bloch, mayor of Bet Shemesh, and offered her to head the list for Knesset.

Yogev does not say what Bloch responded. Presumably she responded the same way she responded during the previous elections when she rejected a similar proposal saying that her work right now is in Bet Shemesh.

On the other hand, perhaps this would be the perfect opportunity for Bloch to relieve herself of the tzurres of Bet Shemesh. Recently it seems to have gotten to be a headache as the attacks on her and her regime have increased after an initial relatively quiet period.

I have not heard otherwise so I am assuming she is staying in Bet Shemesh, but anything can happen!

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  1. I thought the reason Shaked can't head the URWP was because it didn't have the approval of Sara Netanyahu. Claiming that an offer was made to Bloch knowing she wouldn't accept, doesn't really prove anything.

  2. the shaked-sara thing is new. this one relates to what rav aviner said last week about women not being in politics

    1. I know that. It just seems like URWP is the Likud AAA Team.

      The way I am reading the article, he is referring to the offer to Bloch in the last election when she was coming off the huge victory in Beit Shemesh. It doesn't mean that Peretz, Stromich, Bibi or any of the other significant players would have agreed in the end.

      Bayit Yehudi doesn't want Bennett because he betrayed the party by leaving. They want Shaked even though she is secular and left with Bennett because she can bring in votes.

      IMHO Bayit Yehudi grew under Bennett because he was taking them away from being a sectorial party in the direction of a main stream party. He had to leave because they didn't want to go in that direction. Now they are struggling with trying to be sectorial party with a voter base of a main stream party.


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