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Jul 16, 2019

Quote of the Day

We will not participate and lend a hand to turning Israel into a halachic State. If there is a need to have work on Shabbos - it will happen. There will be work on Shabbos so as not to hurt the tens of thousands of soldiers and citizens who need to use the trains. This is not any breach in any way of the existing status quo.

  -- Minister of Science and Technology Ofir Akunis

Akunis joined the increasing voices from within the Likud talking openly about allowing work and/or public transportation on Shabbos, despite the Likud relationship with its natural coalition partners (ie the religious and Haredi parties) being diametrically opposed to such policies. And, this is in direct opposition to Netanyahu telling his people, the Likud MKs and Ministers, at an election rally yesterday to not talk about the "medinat halacha" issue anymore in any way. Despite what Netanyahu ordered yesterday, Akunis spoke about this just this morning.

While I am not sure if Likud policy has changed or not, they are definitely speaking differently in public. If this continues, at some point the voices will get too loud for the Haredi/religious parties to ignore.

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