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Jul 29, 2019

The Show Must Go On, in Tiberias

The Show Must Go On, by Queen, is probably Mayor of Tiberias Ron Kubi's theme song.

Kubi had his hearing today in the Supreme Court as he appealed Minister of Interior Aryeh Deri's right to hold a disciplinary hearing foir Kubi with the potential of relieving him of his duties and appointing a committee to run Tiberias due to Kubi's failure to pass the budget. The decision of the Supreme Court was to delay the hearing until the end of September, after the upcoming national elections, essentially giving Kubi more time to pass the budget. Being that the city council of Tiberias has dispersed, the Supreme Court recommended Kubi continue to serve as mayor along with a committee made up of State employees who will function in the capacity of a city council. Minister Aryeh Deri requested a week to consider the Court's decision and recommendation.

Kubi, representing himself, basically presented two directions to argue his case:
1. Aryeh Deri cannot sack him due to Deri being a representative of a transition government. A transition government waiting for elections is basically stuck in a holding pattern and legally can do very little. So, Kubi argued, that Deri right now does not have the authority to fire and replace him

2. Deri did not act in a professional manner with regards to Kubi and Tiberias. because they were diametrically opposed to each other, Deri acted unfairly towards him and conspired with the city council to make sure the budget doesn't pass and to therefore have Kubi removed. Basicall a conflict of interests. To this end Kubi satisfactorily proved by presenting statements made by Deri against Kubi. Kubi also showed protocols of the city council meetings that showed that budgetary issues were never debated or argued and discussed, but when he was trying to pass the budget, the opposing city council members basically tried to filibuster, wasting time talking and arguing about all sorts of other things in order to avoid the ability to vote.

The court basically accepted Kubi's arguments over Deri's and now we await Deri's response in a week. I don't know what happens if Deri rejects the court's proposal, but I suspect he will accept it. He does not really have much of a choice, and he does not want to give Kubi even more fuel for Kubi's upcoming campaign for the elections.

For Ron Kubi the show must go on, but now it seems he is going to have run the city, pass the budget, again with people appointed by Deri, presumably, and campaign for the national elections. Whether he can pass the budget or not, he will try to ride this right into the Knesset. If he gets in, he drops Tiberias anyway. If not, he probably will be out of Tiberias shortly after that. But for now we still get the sideshow called Ron Kubi.

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