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Jul 21, 2019

Facebook Status of the Day

Translation (taken from Stu Schnee who translated it to a closed FB group):
A message from Deputy Mayor, Moshe Shitrit of The Likud - Beit Shemesh:
Big News! Starting next year, American football in Beit Shemesh!
I’m happy to update that the Judean Rebels which plays in the first American football league in Israel, will represent Beit Shemesh starting next year. Their junior team will also move to Beit Shemesh. Both teams are leaving Jerusalem for Beit Shemesh due to the encouragement and support of local football fans with the backing of Beit Shemesh’s City Hall.
Games will be held at the new Beit Shemesh stadium on Rt. 38.
Picture: from the first meeting of Moshe Shitrit with representatives of the Judean Rebel’s and the football league.
Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. You know, I understand most people know what "American Football" means. But seeing how new words in Hebrew are minted all the time, especially fun slang words, I'm surprised no interesting or fun word has been coined. "American Football" takes too long say.

    1. It makes it easier to get an American as commissioner


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