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Jul 15, 2019

Picture of the Day

This is the fine paid by Radio Kol BeRama to the Kolech organization for having discriminated against women. This is 30,000nis in 10 and 50 agora coins. They did this as an act of protest for Kolech trying to intervene and try to change Haredi lifestyle.

I am assuming this is just part of the payment as the original fine was 1 million shekel. When Kol Berama appealed to have it lowered and Kolech counter-appealed to have it increased (to 20 million), both appeals were rejected. Either the fine changed and I didnt hear about it or this is just partial payment.

I remember back when I was in yeshiva high school, the mashgiach would fine repeat offenders for various things, such as coming late to shacharis or late for seder, and other things like that. There were always a few guys that were always getting into trouble, and every now and then they would come up with this bright idea to pay the fine, usually 5 or 10 dollars depending on how frequently it happened, in pennies. It was always good fun for a bunch of teenagers.

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1 comment:

  1. It was always good fun for a bunch of teenagers.



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