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Jul 24, 2019

Rav Yitzchak Yosef says Eida hechsher nothing special, Rabbanut excellent

A couple of months ago Chief Rabbi Rav Yitzchak Yosef spoke out against the hechsher of the Eida Hachareidis. At the time he said that the Eida hechsher is the lowest quality available for meat and one should prefer other hechshers over the Eida.

Kikar reports that in a recent shiur, Rav Yosef once again spoke about the Eida hechsher. Rav Yosef was talking about the case of a get refuser, someone censured for withholding a get from his wife against the instructions of beis din. This "avreich haredi", in his description, is sitting in jail for withholding the get but is demanding food only from the Eida hechsher. Rav Yosef said that he wrote a response ordering them to not supply him with Eida food but only with Rabbanut food, as he is Haredi and this will hurt him - the Rabbanut hechsher is not good for him.

That led Rav Yosef off on to a tangent. Rav Yosef started questioning why people think the Rabbanut hechsher is not good. He said the hechsher of the Rabbanut is actually very good. He said he himself checks out the shechita of the Rabbanut and it is excellent as it is on many food products. For meat, Rav Yosef admitted, it is worth being more machmir, but for everything else the Rabbanut is excellent. People have this craziness of only eating Eida, thinking it fell from heaven.

Back to the guy in prison with only Rabbanut food, after a few weeks of not eating because he would only eat food with the Eida hechsher he gave in and gave the get.

Once again, Rav Yosef does not explain what is wrong with the Eida hechsher, which policy, what the shortcomings are, etc. This time he goes more from the opposite side saying there is no need for the Eida as the Rabbanut is excellent and there is nothing special about the Eida.

Eat whatever you prefer, at your own risk.

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1 comment:

  1. A"your own risk". Hahaha. As if something is going to happen to you if you eat the wrong hechsher. Or any hechsher. Or no hechsher.


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