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Jul 24, 2019

is child abuse more shocking or damage to prisoner rights more shocking?

Kikar has an article about a couple of Haredi women from Beitar Ilit who are in prison (Neve Tirza)  for child abuse in their work as nursery school teachers. The article is about a claim made by their lawyer saying that the women were treated poorly in jail and made to remove their hair covering and to wear "training" pants - against their religious beliefs and lifestyle.

The lawyer, Tali Gottleib, says that despite she herself being secular there is nothing more shocking than such a serious breach to the honor of a woman or to a person and her right to her faith.

I think it is horrible that their human rights were trampled. Even prisoners deserve to be treated fairly and are deserving of having their faith and religious sensibilities considered and protected. That being said, I do know something more shocking than the trampling of these women's basic rights of faith and religious beliefs - that is, beating up on little kids in their care is far more shocking than the fact that the prison guard made them uncover their hair.

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  1. The child abuse is only alleged, and it was not performed by the government.

  2. it is only alleged but being that they were arrested, which itself is rare because these cases are so difficult to make, and considering the abundance of testimony and evidence they have compiled, according to the article, it seems pretty definite. yes, it is her attorney speaking and this is her job and she is busy professing their innocence...as a bystander, I reject her opinion.

  3. Any kind of excuse does NOT belong in the Land of Israel and/or being perpetrated by a Jewish person, especially to a fellow Jew. What's happening in these times is inexcusable.


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